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Neck pain is the primary complaint of office workers, students, and sedentary occupations.  We simply were not designed to sit all day with our heads constantly angled down viewing screens. Neck problems arise as the joints and discs invariably become squished, leading to muscular spasm, dysfunction, and pain.

Signs that indicate you need an assessment:
  1. Daily neck pain.
  2. Pain with simple movement.
  3. Shoulders that feel like ‘rock’.
  4. A constant want to ‘clack ‘your own neck for relief.
  5. You can’t look over your shoulder.
  6. Pain into the arms or hands.
  7. Headaches/migraines.
  8. Pinching or locking.
  9. Dizziness, Nausea.
  10. You’ve tried everywhere else.

How we can help

Make an appointment, we’ll assess your posture, habits, movement and pain pattern, if required we’ll organize free digital x-rays if you need them (bulk billed), establish a clear diagnosis and a game plan including exercises and stretches. Discover what state of health your neck is in and how much better it could be.Get an assessment today.

How to ease neck pain at home

Start with THESE 8 USEFUL tips:
  1. Ice, heat and rest.
  2. Correct your posture. (ask us how)
  3. Take the habit to sit and stand tall.
  4. Address your mattress pillow & sleep position.
  5. Avoid studying, reading or using electronic devices propped up in bed.
  6. Start stretching. (ask us how)
  7. Get out and move.
  8. Book an Ergonomic assessment.

Best stretches for neck pain

Make a start, try these two stretches from our set of neck correcting stretches, download your copy

Give them a go!

The 10 Best Back Stretches
Give them a go!