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If you experience back pain, then chances are the problem isn’t going away.

Your pain may subside, but left undiagnosed, a misalignment problem in your back will not correct itself and ignoring your symptoms will always lead to a bigger issue.

My golden tip is to always start with a definitive diagnosis, understand exactly what you are dealing with and don’t let anyone touch your back without x-rays first.

Signs that indicate you need an assessment
    • Back pain- sharp or dull.
    • Pain referral into your buttocks, legs, feet or toes.
    • It hurts to cough or sneeze.
    • Pain with simple movements.
    • Pain with prolonged sitting or standing.
    • Weakness, tingling or numbness.
    • Unbalanced, locked up or bent to the side.
    • You’ve tried everywhere else.

How we can help

Make an appointment, we’ll assess all your movements, find the underlying cause, organize free digital x-rays if you need them (bulk billed), establish a clear diagnosis and a game plan including exercises and stretches to get you sorted and to save yourself from a life of aggravation and pain.

How to Treat Back Pain at Home

Start with these 7 useful tips:
    • Apply an icepack on the affected area in 10 minute intervals.
    • Gentle, gentle stretching.
    • Rest flat on your back with knees bent.
    • Keep your stress levels as low as possible.
    • Back supports and braces can be lifesavers.
    • Never lean backwards or overextend your spine.
    • Brace yourself if you are about to cough or sneeze.

Best Stretches for Back Pain

Try these two stretches from our set of best back stretches, download your copy and get out of immediate pain.

1. Lay on your back and gently bring both knees to your chest:

2. Take hold of the back of the thigh and hug it into the chest keeping the other leg bent with your foot flat on the floor.

The 10 Best Back Stretches
Give them a go!