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Dr. Geoff Cowie Founder Of Vitality Chiropratic

    With over 30 five-star Google reviews and a following of over 6000 pain-free clients it is not surprising Dr. Geoff is often referred to as a little magician.

    Dr. Geoff says that great outcomes aren’t magic, they are the result of time.

    Time taken to properly listen, time to properly examine and diagnose and take the time to understand the exact wants and needs of the person in front of him. When you get this right great things happen!

    Having travelled the world extensively and enjoyed an international career working as locum throughout Europe and the UK, Dr. Geoff established Vitality in 2005. Vitality is the creation of all his best experiences abroad and his personality.

    Dr. Geoff values everyone’s story and everyone he meets, his number one mantra is that relationships are the key to a lifetime of happiness and success.

    Tell us something quirky about you?

    I think I am only an inch taller then Kylie Minogue.

    Account of most memorable client/story?

    For me it’s meeting the ‘real’ person behind ‘that’ veil of pain. When pain suddenly lifts and it no longer encompasses someone’s thoughts and they start to be themselves again.  They laugh more, or they talk about the little things that are special to them like getting a full night sleep because their baby slept through or be it a great performance/time achieved on the track or even an Opera recital on the big stage. I remember ALL of their stories and these moments.

    What does vitality mean to you?

    Seeing people exude vitality and confidence and being able to return to do the things they love and living life on their terms – for me is what it’s all about. That’s what inspires me everyday. Regardless of your age, weight, height or gender, I believe that everyone has the right to experience vitality to shine and to feel great.

    I think that deep down that’s all that any of us really want, to feel good. I‘m privileged that I get to help people achieve this, to see people achieve their health goals and to simple that, to feel great.

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