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Can chiropractic care help during pregnancy?

During pregnancy there are many physical and hormonal changes that you will experience. Some of these changes will directly affect your posture and may even lead to physical discomfort.

As your baby develops and becomes heavier, you will find your centre of gravity will shift forward and your posture and your pelvis will naturally adjust too.

A Misalignment of your pelvis may restrict the amount of developing space and make it hard for your baby to move into the best position to be born, which is rear facing, head down.

Signs that indicate you may need an assessment:
  1. Difficulty and joint pain with simple movements
  2. Pain referral into the buttocks or legs.
  3. Pain referring around ribs when sitting.
  4. Trouble sleeping.
  5. Anterior pubic bone pains.

How we can help

Pain doesn’t need to be part of your pregnancy.
  1. Act now and book a postural assessment.
  2. Ask about our Vitality Chiropractic fit ball exercises.
  3. Develop a plan with our team to see you through to the birth you desire for your baby.

If you are concerned at the idea of seeing a chiropractor whilst pregnant that’s totally understandable. If in doubt check in with your obstetrician first or simply pop into Vitality, meet the team and chat with the chiropractor to see if you feel you are in the right place to get the care you need- no charge.

How to Prevent Pregnancy Pains

Start with these 7 useful tips:
  1. Address, correct & maintain good posture.
  2. Make time for regular exercise.
  3. Take micro breaks every 45 minutes – stretch your head, neck, shoulders and hips.
  4. Drink more water- aim for 8 glasses of water a day.
  5. Start yoga or Pilates.
  6. Sleep with a pillow between your legs.
  7. Keep your back and pelvis aligned.

Best Stretches for Pregnancy Pain

Try these two stretches from our series of ‘Best Back Stretches’,  or download your copy and get out of immediate pain.

Lay on your back, arms wide, gently cross one knee across your body

Lay on your back, feet together, drop your knees to the ground

The 10 Best Back Stretches
Give them a go!