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A slip at work, a rear-ending at the lights or even a heavy bump on the netball court- can do a lot of unexpected and unwanted damage to the body.  It’s distressing to be sidelined with an injury that prevents you from doing what you want, especially when it was not your fault.

With any injury, the key to recovery is early assessment and appropriate intervention.

My golden tip is to always have the injury properly recognised and recorded, then obtain a diagnostic study followed by a diagnosis. Unless you understand exactly what you are dealing with, you run the risk of doing yourself further injury.

Signs that indicate you need an assessment:
  1. Any Motor Vehicle Accident.
  2. A fall/slip/tumble at work.
  3. Any sport injury.
  4. An increase in pain and symptoms.
  5. Weakness, tingling or numbness.
  6. Unbalanced, locked up or bent to the side.
  7. You’ve tried everywhere else.

How we can help

Call us to get a game plan.  We‘ll inform you if you need to contact your GP first, require a claim number, or x-rays. Then we can assess all your movements, find the underlying cause, organize bulk billed digital x-rays (if you need them), establish a clear diagnosis, a game plan with exercises and stretches to get you sorted and to save yourself from a life of aggravation and pain both now and in the future.

How to Treat Pain from Injury at Home

Start with these 7 useful tips:
  1. Apply and ice pack on the affected area in 10 minute intervals.
  2. R.I.C.E – rest, ice, compress, elevate.
  3. Gentle, gentle stretching.
  4. Rest flat on your back with knees bent.
  5. Keep your stress levels as low as possible.
  6. Back supports and braces can be lifesavers.
  7. Seek medical advice ASAP for your condition.

The 10 Best Back Stretches
Give them a go!