A slip at work, a rear-ending at the lights or even a heavy bump on the netball court- can do a lot of unexpected and unwanted damage to the body.  It’s distressing to be sidelined with an injury [...]

Kids Chiropractic

If you want to give your children the best start in life than chiropractic care is a must. I have regularly checked and adjusted (when required) my 2 children since day dot. Bumps, falls, spills [...]

Pregnancy Chiropractic

It’s easy to blame back or leg pain on your new baby bump, but the fact is, 90% of women have a ‘silent back problem’ prior to being pregnant and have never known of it until the added weight and [...]

Athletic Performance

There is a simple reason why professional athletes of past and present, like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and even Danny Green are under regular chiropractic care.


Scoliosis is a lateral curve or twist in what should be a straight spine. 90% of parents miss the early subtle signs of scoliosis completely.


Sciatica is crippling, debilitating and very scary. Sciatica is likened to electricity shooting down the back of the leg into your calf or toes.

“The Hump”

You may not be aware of your posture getting worse, but everyone else is. Look in the mirror, does your head jut forward, have you grown an unattractive‘hump’ like a turtle shell at the base of [...]

Headaches & Migraines

How many days do you lose, lost and alone in a dark room to escape the pressure of migraines and bad headaches?Headaches and migraines are not normal yet many people suffering like this for years [...]

Back Pain

Your pain may subside, but left undiagnosed, amisalignment problem in your back will not correct itself and ignoring your symptoms will always lead to a bigger issue.