Problems to watch
for in 5 year olds

Have ever noticed your 5 your old child’s shoulders don’t sit quite level, they tend to wear out one shoe quicker and scuff their little trousers on one side more then the other, their feet roll in or perhaps they are more clumsy then other children?

If you have then you are very observant. But knowing and not doing anything about it can lead to future postural and biomechanical imbalance.


  • At this point in time, one can evaluate any AP or Lateral postural imbalances, as well as the onset of mid thoracic scoliosis.
  • Gait dysfunction can be detected and corrected
  • For some children, a timely evaluation will lead to the prevention of a permanent scoliosis and future musculoskeletal strain, for others, the principal benefit is a parent’s peace of mind

    Vitality Chiropractic does mot advocate comprehensive chiropractic adjustments for a child at age 5 or for any child. However we actively promote the interception of any bad habit and careful monitoring of any potential problem

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