How To Get Out Of Pain In 10 Steps

Have you ever experienced pain that crippled you on the spot when you tried to get out of bed?

Pain that just bent you over and stopped you in your tracks for no apparent reason.

It’s scary to experience and also just as scary to see in a loved one.

I get hundreds of calls a year – typically on Monday’s from people in just such a panic.

What should I do?

Follow these 10 steps in sequence for best results

Lesson the agony and then professional help.

*Note this list does not include the consumption of over the counter medication, prescription medication or NSAIDs due to individual safety reasons. Please check with your pharmacist and GP first.

** In extreme cases please seek emergency services immediately.

o   1. Flat  Lay flat on your back on a firm surface with your knees bent or with your legs resting up ion the seat of a chair. Garb a pillow to support the curve in your neck.*Lying in this manner will let your lower back flatten and allow the joints to open. This will relieve the pressure your in your spine and temporarily relieve the pain
 o  2. Rest Stop thinking about how you have to clean the house or do the ironing.You need to rest.*Sometimes, rapid onset of pain will diminish significantly when the lower back muscles are simply given proper rest.**Relax your jaw – let your tongue drop from the roof of your mouth- breathe
 o  3 Stretch Muscle spasm is the major player causing the pain you’re in now.Stretching can help reduce the muscle contraction if you are adequately rested.Gently stretch your lower back, moving it back and forth to break the spasm cycle.*If stretching causes pain, stop.
 o  4 Cold Ice is my best advice.When you have an acute attack of pain ice is the best to combat pain, inflammation and swelling*Wrap an ice pack in a paper towel and apply it to the affected area for 10minutes only.After 10minutes, remove the ice pack for a minimum of 10minutes and repeat the process whilst pain persists.

** Always have two ice packs on hand in your freezer so you can interchange

  o  5 Breathe Try the Vitality 6-4-8-straw breathing routine-Close your eyes-Breathe in through your nose for 6 seconds-Hold your breathe for 4 seconds

-Breathe out steadily thorough your mouth steadily , as if through a straw for 8 seconds.

-You will feel the pain; anxiety and muscular tension start to lift.

 o  6. Music Did you know that music actually releases ‘ feel good hormones that can dull the ability of your brain to process pain signals’?Research suggests the more you like the song, the greater effect.*Choose some tunes that calm you, press play and unwind.Kelly MickleSOURCE: Naomi Eisenberger, PhD, associate professor, social psychology, University of California, Los Angeles.
o  7 Acupressure   Here are three points that are commonly used by acupuncturists and acupressure practitioners to treat headaches, back and neck pain. L14 you can manage yourself. Try them.*Large intestine 4 (L14): This is in the soft, fleshy web between your thumb and forefinger- used for headaches and neck pain*Liver 3 (LR-3): This is in the soft flesh that sits between your big and 2n toes. It’s an area similar to L14.*Spleen 6 (SP-6): This is about three finger widths above your inner ankle. It is a

tender area of the lower calf muscle.

 o  8 Creams Try these:*Magnesium Cream
*Capsaicin arthritis pain relief cream
*Pain away
*Voltaren Gel
o  9 6 steps Close your eyes, relax and complete these steps:1 Locate the pain in your body.
2 Identify the shape of the pain.
3 Identify the color of the pain.
4 Identify the taste of the pain.
5 Identify the smell of the pain.
6 Find a container suitable for the pain and imagine how you put the pain in it.The container can be anything: a box, a dish anything that comes to your mind.Really, just give it ago. Just concentrate on the pain for a second and ask yourself the question: “What shape (color, etc) my pain is right now?”. The first thing that comes to mind is what it should be.

Repaet this 6-step approach until you can’t find the pain; change your answers if required. Try it and see.

 o 10 Sleep Sleep where you are or on your bed. Sleep properly aligned with a pillow under your neck and knees.


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