5 reasons why seeing
your chiropractor
is so important for your infant

Early intervention can prevent bigger problems later in Life

Your child should see a chiropractor within the first year of life, especially if they were subjected to a traumatic or emergency delivery. A check up may be all that is required to ensure your child’s spine is aligned, has full range of motion and an optimal start in life.

Spinal misalignments can happen very early in life.

“Birth trauma to the neck and head can result in disorders such as: headaches, vestibular problems, auditory trouble and visual disturbances. Care to realign the neck achieves excellent results with many of these dysfunctions.”

Orthopaedic Medicine a new Approach to Vertebral Manipulaion by R.Maigne

Even the most perfect delivery can result in spinal injury

The birth process today has been replaced with many artificial procedures and schedules of time. Professor Towbin reported, “The birth process, even under optimal, controlled conditions is a traumatic potentially crippling event for the fetus. “ It makes sense to have a non-invasive, gentle check up.

Good health starts now!

One of the most common questions I receive from parents is “when should I get my child checked?’” Start after birth. I check my 4 year old and 20month baby every time I pick them up and routinely during story time. I gently massage their backs and gently look for fixated areas or tenderness.

Sleeping habits can lead to long-term alignment problems

If you have ever checked in on an infant sleeping you ‘ll be amazed to see the variety of positions they torque their little bodies into. An infant awakening with a loss of rotation of the neck is painful and distressing. Quite often such injury can be attributed to their nocturnal acrobatics.

Avoid the stomach sleeping position, rather-try to maintain them on their back or side if possible.

Gentle realignment, stretching, and monitoring spinal development are essential for establishing proper movement patterns and good health.

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