Vitality Chiro Special Care Month

Vitality Chiropractic is a natural health movement enriching the lives Australians by lifting the bar in Chiropractic Care.

I am the founder of Vitality Chiropractic. I have dedicated my life to helping people live pain free lives and enjoy the best life now. My team is united by a fundamental belief that a healthy nervous system is essential for Vitality. We are client orientated and results driven with a focus on fast, long lasting health results. We have achieved over 6000 pain free stories and we don’t want to see you come back time and time again with the same issue.



In recent years there has a been a vast influx of sedentary office workers aged between 25-60 presenting with the same set of symptoms and the same degenerative spinalcondition (in varying phases of severity). This condition which I term Turtle Posture is amazingly poorly diagnosed, poorly treated and ultimately affects the workers current/ long-term health, mood and wellbeing.
Turtle Posture is directly attributable to poor ergonomics, its non-gender specific and irreversible if not recognized, diagnosed and treated in early stages. Its first 4 recognizable symptoms are:


In conjunction with our Spinal Care Month and over 10 years of excellence, we are offering limited complimentary workplace assessments. Fill in the form below to express your interest!




    Turtle Posture Presentation (10 minutes)
    Work Station Assessment (20 minutes)
    Individualized Spinal Analysis for Turtle Posture
    Personalized recommendations
    2x Full Initial Consultations (including free Xrays if required)
    for 2 team members only

    – Bookings between 5 to 20 people.
    – Available in May & June 2016: Thursdays 11:30am – 12:00pm or Fridays 12:30pm – 1:00pm
    – Within 10km of Perth CBD
    – First come first served basis, not transferable or exchangeable. Vitality Chiopractic reserves the rights to change or terminate this offer
    without prior notice.

    Spinal Care Month – Complimentary Workplace Assessment



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