Melonie Hardingham

Clinic Manager

Mel’s natural enthusiasm, warm demeanor and outstanding customer service skills means she is adept at providing people with the service and the out come they are seeking.

Mel has successfully launched, owned and managed several small businesses and her strong personal commitment toward high quality service and the enhancement of both client experience and satisfaction have been enjoyed and noted by many since her commencement as Clinic Manager in March 2016.

Mel’s extensive team experience, quick wit and love of good conversation give her the ability to maintain order, to create fun and to effortlessly engage warmly on a personal level with everyone she meets.

Tell us something quirky about you?
I devour a couple of novels a week and come alive when discussing a good read. With a preference for psychological thrillers, this genre can have me losing hours whilst trying to unravel a mystery in a riveting page-turner.

Account of most memorable client/story?
Vitality captures you immediately with the teams vibrancy and enthusiasm. Witnessing Dr. G with his clients is truly heart warming. For myself operating the front of house is an absolute pleasure, all of our clients have a different reason for coming to our clinic and it’s a joy to hear everyone’s story and be part of their quest for living a pain free life.

At his third visit a client seemed emotional upon making his next appointment.
After enquiring if he was ok? He replied,
“ Mel, my baby is 3 weeks old and because of my back pain I have only been able to sit with him on my lap, but tonight I will go home and hug him to my chest for the first time”.

There are no words to describe the ability to witness someone else’s extreme happiness.

What does vitality mean to you?
Vitality is that special something that sets you apart and makes you stand out in a crowd. It’s that inner glow and happiness that other people are drawn to like a bright light.

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