Through skilled manual spinal adjustments, chiropractic care is a holistic therapy that focuses on maintaining a healthy musculoskeletal and nervous system, to ensure overall health and wellness.

Dr Geoff Cowie

Founder of Vitality Chiropractic

With over 30 five-star Google reviews and a following of over 6000 pain-freed clients it is not surprising Dr.Geoff is often referred to as a magician.

Dr. Geoff says that great outcomes aren’t magic, they are the result of time.
Time taken to properly listen, time to properly examine and diagnose and most importantly the time to understand the exact wants and needs of the person in front of him. When you get this right great things happen!

Having travelled the world extensively and enjoyed an international career working as locum throughout Europe and the UK, Dr. Geoff established Vitality in 2005. Having worked in many clinics with many colorful personalities with mixed beliefs. Vitality is simply the creation of all his best experiences.

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Dr. Amir Mansur

Chiropractor/ Bowen Therapist

Dr. Amir believes that excellent health and vitality stem from good posture, flexibility and body balance.

Dr. Amir’s understanding of human movement and the need for balance is the result of his 10-year dedication to the practice of martial arts and soccer. Dr. Amir’s understanding of movement patterns has made him highly sought after in the sporting community. Many athletes are now discovering the edge that a performance based chiropractor can bring to their game.

Always looking for new ways to achieve faster results for his clients. Dr. Amir has designed his own signature therapy that combines his 10-year career in remedial massage and Bowen Therapy with Chiropractic- creating the Bowen/Chiropractic appointment. This new approach is achieving results for people with chronic aches and pains that were otherwise unmovable.

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Melonie Hardingham

Clinic Manager

Mel’s natural enthusiasm, warm demeanor and outstanding customer service skills means she is adept at providing people with the service and the out come they are seeking.

Mel has successfully launched, owned and managed several small businesses and her strong personal commitment toward high quality service and the enhancement of both client experience and satisfaction have been enjoyed and noted by many since her commencement as Clinic Manager in March 2016.

Mel’s extensive team experience, quick wit and love of good conversation give her the ability to maintain order, to create fun and to effortlessly engage warmly on a personal level with everyone she meets.

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Lucy Radford


Lucy’s attention to detail, caring nature and her ability to know what needs to happen before anyone else makes her perfect for her role as our client experience agent.

Lucy’s natural organizational skills have been honed sweating, coaching and participating in West Australian Calisthenics. Lucy has celebrated a host of accolades in calisthenics and understands better than most pure human movement, aches and pains and the path to success.

Lucy is a 3rd year Chiropractor- to- be at Murdoch University and dedicated to her own personal and professional development. She is incredibly passionate about every step of a clients experience and she plays a vital role in ensuring clients are happy and they achieve their health goals.

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Emma Hogan


Whether you are in pain, need that appointment a.s.a.p. or you just want to speak to someone who gets you and can help- then you will be glad when you hear Emma’s voice. Her ability to listen and to understand are sometimes rare qualities that just cannot be taught.

Emma is a bright and motivated individual professionally trained in Public Relations and communications at The West Australian and is currently pursuing a double degree in Employment Relations and Human Resources Management at the University of Western Australia.

Emma’s fresh style, gorgeous personality and infectious laugh embody everything Vitality represent- enjoying today and living life on your terms.

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Great Tuesday in the snow!
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Dr. Geoff is going snow boarding in Japan this week, but don't worry he will be back on Monday, 26th of February!
In the mean time Dr. Olivia Goodger will be seeing Dr. Geoff's patients.
We will be open:
Monday 19th - 3pm - 6pm
Wednesday 21st - 8am - 10am and then 3pm - 6pm
Friday 23rd - 8am - 10am
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Happy Valentine's Day!❤️❤️❤️ Baked by Emma!
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Happy Valentine's Day!❤️❤️❤️ Baked by Emma!
#valentinesday #officesnacks #treatyoself #foodie #cupcakes #cheatday #homemade #sugaroverload #masterchef #❤️ #happyeveryday
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Our fit ball competition winners.
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Congratulations Chris and Minh!
Thanks to everyone for all the guesses and lots of laughs
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Let's find out.
This is actually nerve racking.
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