Dr. Amir Mansur

Chiropractor/ Bowen Therapist

Dr. Amir believes that excellent health and vitality stem from good posture, flexibility and body balance.

Dr. Amir’s understanding of human movement and the need for balance is the result of his 10-year dedication to the practice of martial arts and soccer. Dr. Amir’s understanding of movement patterns has made him highly sought after in the sporting community. Many athletes are now discovering the edge that a performance based chiropractor can bring to their game.

Always looking for new ways to achieve faster results for his clients. Dr. Amir has designed his own signature therapy that combines his 10-year career in remedial massage and Bowen Therapy with Chiropractic- creating the Bowen/Chiropractic appointment. This new approach is achieving results for people with chronic aches and pains that were otherwise unmovable.

Dr. Amir maintains that having balance in your life is the key to a happy healthy life.

Tell us something quirky about you?
I am unfortunately am the king of dad jokes- and I don’t have kids.

Account of most memorable client/story?
I get a kick out of great results and the smiles of those who achieve their goals. I am currently working a lot with the gym community and I love it when we receive a phone call or a client comes in telling me of a new PB!
But my most memorable story client is a lady who suffered daily headaches for years made full resolution. I remember the words “I’m so happy not to have Neurofen as the first item on my shopping list, I don’t feel chained to tablets anymore”.

What does vitality mean to you?
Vitality means being able to enjoy life in every moment in every way. It is so rewarding to see people recover from debilitating symptoms such as morning backache, reoccurring injury, or afternoon headaches and to quite quickly see positive results and to feel better. The best for me is when people actually have to remember what their symptoms were? Or why they put up with for so long!
This is vitality.

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